It’s a sad fact that many fashion collections are simply not designed to last. 

Instead, we see the continual onslaught of mass deliveries of garments reflecting the trend of the day but with no consideration for sustainability – either of style or production. Within a short time, the cut or print is no longer fashionable, so there is a constant need to replace the item with something that reflects the look of the moment. 


This is called ‘fast fashion’ and its consequences are overproduction and environmental pollution. As our awareness of the need to take better care of the planet increases, so does our effort to incorporate more sustainable habits in our daily lives. Reducing our overall consumption is crucial.  

Importantly, consumer pressure is pushing brands to adopt corporate social responsibility practices and to demonstrate tangible strategies to reduce their environmental impact.

One of these brands is Spanish fashion house, Adolfo Domínguez. The company's origins are in linen, a sustainable, plant-based fibre that continues to be a fabric favoured in AD collections.

AD strives to work within a socially responsible production and supply chain, from the creation of new collections to marketing campaigns that seek consciousness-raising. This is also reflected in the choice of fabrics used – from European linen, recycled polyester to merino wool, among others – and the brand’s enduring commitment to timeless styling and prints that well and truly outlast ‘fast fashion’.

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